Run 2262 – 1st Nov 2010

TALES of the MISFITS 2/11/2010
Your weekly record of the POSH Tribune by Douglas Macaroni and his embedded journo – Bwana Matata
Macaroni the Maleficent,
You might have been a little mystified as to the identities of some of the Hash men. They all seem to have a “Hash Handle”, no real names used (in this case obviously to protect the guilty).
I’m not sure if the allocation of names is the work of one individual that of a collective or drawn from the hat as in a chook raffle. There are some clever names which should be avoided when you have a skinful, such as Pheasant Plucker and Tyre Fruck. There are some that are obvious such as Philthy, Pedantic Circumlocution and XXXX. Then there are others with little imagination behind them like Pilko, Simmo and Robbo (obviously hit upon by some lazy bastard).
However at some stage someone seems to have a faeces fetish or a bad case of dysentery. How else would you come up with a list including Shitty Liver, E Shit (current Hon Sec who is not allowed to write anything as he has a reputation of stuffing all kinds of shit in electronic correspondence), White Shit (a Yarpie, what else) and Little Shit (who had some past pretensions to being a social columnist, using the nom de plume of Le Petit Poop). I am not sure whether they are related but if so, maybe they are out of Bumcrack. There also seems to be some distant backward aristocratic cousin called Baron von Drut. To cap it all off there is another bloke Copraphilia who seems to be enamoured with them all.
I will provide more in further correspondence.
Your carping correspondent,
Bwana Matata
Run 2262: 1st November 2010.
Pedantic not knowing how many would turn up to his virgin trail run organised the caters to come – formerly known as “Grinners” but after last nights high humidity run may be called the sad sacks in future. It has been reported how soft the hash are getting – when the conditions get a little moist as only 30 turned up. Major D being one of those who expects the committee never to pike out of doing the cooking, made his objections well and truly known by staying out till about 9:30pm forcing the hare and the TM to go out to find where the Major was hiding and take a feed out to him in his hiding place to prove to him it wasn’t that bad. A team from the blood bank was invited to take donations from the many members who started syphoning blood from each other with the aid of the many leaches found on the run, unfortunately they did not turn up and the front veranda of PEDANTICS ended up covered in blood. Jock has promised the Major things will be back to normal next week.
TM Marks
For trying 10 points and worthy of a rerun.
Next weeks Run directive
Run 2263
When: 8th November 2010
Hares: Jungle and Centre Point
Where: St Ives Show Ground
On ON: On Site

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