Run No. 2620 -11th September 2017

The Rainbow Connection – AGM.

The biggie tonite –AGM and end of an era – the Bantry Bay end of Frenchs Forest was the venue. A popular area for the Posh and surprise, surprise there were no whispers of dickheads not reading the instructions and trying to enter the area via Hilmer St. A large crowd as you would expect for such an auspicious occasion – and good to see a few oldies On – Major Tom (here for 50th celebrations), Vegie, King Arthur, San Francisco, Pheasant Plucker and General de Gaulle.
Trail in this area is fairly repetitive over the years and was pretty similar to our previous run here for the 2600th. In fact the walk was identical to the trail which Lurch walked and announced to the pack that it was the “first time he’d ever walked a trail”. Molly Meldrum TM’ed the walkers but the map wasn’t needed and most of you just dawdled to come into the bucket in fits and starts. The runners were again pretty spread out and upon returning went straight for the finger food before having a drink. I’m sure potato fingers would have blocked up ones system if the journey was not lubricated first. Hand Shake was one of the last runners in, a situation which will no longer happen as he won’t have a chance to get out anymore – he’ll be too busy with JM duties. Tic Toc was last in – is that again?
The On was catered, and yep Little Shit was” managing the caterers” (like he is prone to do) – even dragged the President over to tell the staff to start serving. With 70 plus to feed, the queue was long and latecummers Goanna and Robbo only managed to get pulled meat and a spud. Goanna commented that it was a bit of a let-down after his $320 Italian lunch. The old-farts and Moochers, who were sitting together (minus absentee Dr Jekyll), looked like they had been starving themselves for a week to wring their monies’ worth out of the night – they got what the latecummers missed out on.
Only Downs tonight were for the Hares and it was “drinks for the Boys” – Moishe and Plunger. Humour from a reticent Pee Dub with one about Tiny Brain playing golf with pregnant women – as he does! Then a very big hole in the proceedings – where is XXXX when you need him? where is Tic Toc? even Wee Willy?
The first part of the rainbow, yellow-shirted singers using tonight as a rehearsal for next week. Last time they appeared they were orange-shirted in Orange.
For entertainment we had Smiley’s mate the “comedian”- would have been better if he’d donned frilly knickers and bra and done a striptease – at least that would have been funny and satisfied the flesh hungry.
The out-going Committee, resplendent in white red wine magnet shirts were given a sender off, before the new Committee in their red shirts with a thousand dollars worth of embroidery were presented to the assembled multitude. Then it was mingle, pick-up yearbooks and goodie bags containing exquisite (I reckon any hash gear that fits first time is exquisite) navy blue shorts.

So it’s good night from me and it’s good night from him.

On On

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  1. Kitty Litter

    Good night Biggie! Well done. Very little credit for a very big job.

  2. Rod Dominish

    Out with the old and in with the new!!!
    Thanks Bigamist for keeping me up to date throughout the year. I CANT WAIT TO GET TO Sydney next week and rub shoulders with such eridite company
    Wagga Rod

  3. Last Card Louis

    Our very own radio station, HHH-FM at 100.1 on your dial, will be broadcasting a ten-minute history of the Hash between 5:30pm and 6:00pm this Monday 18th, just before the start of the 50th celebrations.

  4. Tom Hazeldine

    Bumcrack says:
    Bigamist! -yet another success story as On-Sec. Where do we get them from? i.e. every year each on-sec entertains us weekly, imbued with events recent. Well done Bigamist & On-On.

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