Run No. 2619 – 4th September 2017

The End is Nigh

Finally, the real penultimate run of this Committee and your tortured Scribe is running out of steam. Again we were out to punish the lower inher north shore this week with a trail by Colonel Sanders and Grape Ape (handling the chalk for the umpteenth time this year or was that handling the waitress at dinner). This time of year and this area is crawling with other hashes and their trails – it doesn’t help that there’s been no rain since I don’t know when, so potential for confusion, and that came to fruition. For many this is home game territory and that helped a few to get home. We’d expect to see Khyber On tonight as he’s a “homie” but he’d chosen to attend, by special invite, an exclusive Moocher thrown birthday party for Bunny Trapper???
XXXX was at the Bucket announcing to one and all that his knees were ok but his hips were f@#ked. Seems to me like everything from the waist down is f@#ked – have you seen the guy walk?
The walkers mostly came in together mainly due to the guidance of local Duckweave who gave them a part of  a NSWH3 trail in their 5kms.  A few like Slick weren’t going to let the Duck out of their sight.
Most of the runners came in together also, which according to Flying Scotsman was due to him and the TM laying bits of trail as they went and the others just following. White Shit looked a right mess when he arrived panting at the Bucket. Seems a big spicy birthday lunch had worked its way thru him and the only remedy was home to bed. A little scuttlebutt from Music Man whilst he was quenching his thirst – apparently some dickhead named Pedro (who would that be) had been on 2BL this morning sprouting about how he’d died whilst sailing in Mexico – who listens to 2BL?
For the On we jammed ourselves into the Berempah “hash house” -an establishment these hares have used before and probably the closest thing we get to a real hash house – well it is Malay street food, but 5 course degustation maybe not. It was great to see the Hares making sure the night worked by assisting with the serving. Soapbox Alert! Soapbox Alert! That’s the way it should be – a hare does a deal with a restaurant and if it means the best deal requires they have to be a waitress for the night to keep the cost down (and ensure all received a fair serving) then that’s the way it is. It sure as hell shouldn’t be the JM’s or Committee’s job. Same applies to on site Ons – so, bouquets to Grape Ape and Colonel Sanders. Copra did struggle to squeeze between the punters to collect your 25 bucks though.
For the Downs the President and beer wenches set themselves up at the front door – probably for a quick escape. The Hares were duly regaled for their efforts. Then, there was a repeat of last week – Wee Willy for being into bondage which got out of hand – with bruises to prove it (that was Kitty Litter last week). Then, Kitty Litter for going arse-over but then that’s a regular event like his ongoing love affair with public transport.  A down for Jack the Ripper’s brother-in-law who admitted to being some sort of traitor – he joins the ranks of half our pollies. Finally, a drink for our hosts Joe and Steph (great Malay names those).
With a few prompts from the audience Pee Dub, who was back on humour-duty, told us the history of sex – who cares about the history. Tic Toc as always was able to embellish one about 3 naked snatches. Out of the blue XXXX jumped (see earlier about his ability to do that) to his feet brandishing a bit of a cardboard, which he’d found in his garage, upon which were written the Ten Commandments – now that is history.

On On

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  1. TrailMaster

    Good to see you still hangin’ in there Bigamist

  2. TToc

    Always sagely observed Big…congrats on getting the YB to the printer in time. Another winner to contemplate on the can tomorrow night. You guys did fantastically well throughout the year ..OnOnTT

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